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   Denys Heppell

Denis Heppell is a sculptor which possesses his workshop to St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, for more than thirty years. He is specialised as animal keeper(painter) and some of his tall works are almost everywhere settled in Canada and even in the United States. He produces works very varied from various materials. Pupil of the well considered school of Bourgault from St-Jean-Port-Joli, he practises his art by realizing works of a striking realist.
Denys is the son of Elzéear and Jeanne Morin, formerly Causapscal and afterward residents of St-Jean-Port-Joli.

   Gilles Heppell

Gilles Heppell became a self-taught pastelliste, having to complete studies in Letters and in Art history. He produces very attractive and very interesting paintings(. Gilles is a resident of Mont St-Hilaire, in Quebec.  

   Jean Heppell

Jean Heppell is owner of Delco Aviation, a firm of aviation specializes in various charters. Jean lives in Montreal.  


   Bruno Heppell

Bruno Heppell was a very popular football player of the 'Alouettes of Montréal', now has his pension. He possesses a business specialized meat with delivery today at home. Bruno lives in Montreal.  




   Robin Heppell

Robin Heppell is an independant funeral consultant , owner of the firm ¨Heppell Funeral Planning Ltd ¨. Robin lives in Victoria, in british Colombia.  




   John Heppell MP

John Heppell is member of the Labour Party to the British parliament. He is born November 3rd, 1948. He represents the county of Nottingham east since 1992.  

   Stephen Heppell

Stephen Heppell is a professor in several universities and run his own learning tecnology design consultancy. In more, he build some excitiong schools all around the world.  

  Kate Heppell

Kate Heppell is a researcher and speaker attached to the university Queen Mary of London. His works are made on the quality of the water particularly its fate in front of transport of agricultural pollutants.  


   Richard Heppell

Richard is a professor in advanced technology to the School Beauchamp of Leicester.


  Leigh Heppell

Leigh Heppell is an English sculptor specialized in the sculptures of bare bronze. His works are remarkable by their beauty and their aesthetics. Leigh is 40 years old and lives in the small English village of Comish.  


   Alan Heppell

Alan is native of Perth, in Australia. He is an owner of a business of computer consultants " Professional PC Support ".  



   W. et F. Heppell

Two brothers, W. and F. Heppell possesses a very attractive inn in the beautiful country of Switzerland. " Hotel du Mont-Blanc au lac Morge "