HEPPELL in Canada.

We do not find many Heppell in Canada, outside the Province of Québec.
Some families settled in eastern New Brunswick, they would be native of St-Anaclet, QC. Some people are descendants of Ernest and Isabella Arsenault, bridegrooms to Charlo in 1904

In the early 1900's, Emile Heppell and Rose-de-Lima Blanchet, settle in Ontario and some of their decendants carry the name Heppelle.

A Heppel (written with only one l), Henry and his wife Catherine Sigler was on the census list in 1851, located in Perth, Ontario. They arrived from Germany probably in 1845, with their nine old daughter, Barbara. On this census list appears two other children, George aged of 3 and Henry aged 2. These Heppel are lutherians and Henry sr. is a farmer.

In Nova Scotia, we find a few Heppell who would be from English origin. Other Heppell are also found in British Colombia. Some are natives of England and others are descendants of John-Jacob, native of St-Anaclet, QC.

In Saskatchewan, we find some Heppelle who probably descendants of Emile Heppell and Rose-de-Lima Blanchet of Ontario.

Nowadays, some Heppell families are spread out through all Canada. If some Heppell are of English origin, many others are descendants of John-Jacob (Nicolas) from coast to coast.