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 For us, and those who will follow us.


This site was created in 1998 and should serve as a meeting place of all Heppell's of America. It is an heritage to those who will follow us, a recollection for the older generation and a benchmark for those interested in genealogy. To do it your collaboration is important.

To the chapters 'General information' and 'genealogical information' we add a more realistic section presenting a family tree, with photos of men and women and references localities and places of residence. By adding it a short bibliography, the history of Heppell takes shape. Here, your collaboration becomes essential.
Monthly, our site attracts at present more than 200 guests.

I have been involved in genealogical researches on them HEPPELL for more than twenty years. My family tree and that of my wife (Gagnon) are complete and go as far as the first known ancestor.

My researches, actually, are directed to the ancestor, Nicolas, who probably has would have arrived in the United States in the 1750s. I also collect information on the Heppell's in Canada, the United States, England and Australia. I would appreciate to receive any piece of information which would help me to complete the genealogy and the narrative on all the Heppell of Canada, the United States, England and Australia.

Thank you

Gaston Heppell
263, Rouleau Av
Rimouski, QC G5L 5T9
email: gheppell@globetrotter

N.B.  This site is in construction and its resolution is at present of 1024X768. .  Make in yours!  Furnish us information, photos and histories of family to increase the interest of this site.